Floobits Now Supports Neovim

04 Nov 2014 by bjorn

We’ve made a Neovim-compatible plugin. It deprecates our Vim plugin. We have updated all of our documentation and references to Vim to reflect this. The reason for this change is simple: Neovim offers the asynchronous architecture required to make a real-time collaborative plugin painless.

We have documented our efforts with Vim previously, implementing collaboration and a setTimeout. With Neovim, this was very simple to do, requiring no hacks at all. Goodbye, cursorhold and feedkeys!

Our Neovim plugin already offers a better experience than our Vim plugin. It has fewer bugs and performs better. Neovim is still considered alpha-quality, but we’ve found it works identically to Vim. Moving a .vimrc to .nvimrc and .vim to .nvim worked without any problems. Building Neovim on a Mac is painless.

The biggest drawback is that Pathogen is no longer supported because of a bug handling special python directories. Fortunately, Vundle works perfectly with Neovim, and makes it very easy to keep your plugins up to date.

We’ll keep our Vim plugin supported as best as we can, but we want new users to avoid it. If you’re a Vim user, try out Neovim! It’s a much better experience.

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I’m Bjorn Tipling. I work at Floobits.

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