Workspace Status Images

02 Sep 2013 by ggreer

Similar to services such as Travis-CI, we’ve added status images to Floobits workspaces. This makes it easy to let others know when you’re working on something.

Here’s the status image for our news workspace:

Floobits status

The HTML looks like this:

<a href="">
  <img alt="Floobits status" width="100" height="40" src="" />

If the workspace is actively being edited, you’ll see a green-bordered image and the link will redirect to the Floobits web editor. If not, the image will be grayed-out and the link will redirect to a page containing the workspace info.

You can find the HTML for your own workspaces on their settings pages.

In unrelated news, we’ve submitted a patch to Vim. If merged, it will make asynchronous Vim plugins a breeze. We’ll write a post about this soon.

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I’m Geoff Greer, CEO & co-founder of Floobits.

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